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Qué es LARNA

The Latin-American Research Network of Ageing (LARNA):
Mission, Objectives and International collaboration

The Oxford Institute of Ageing Population has established the LARNA (Latin-American Research Network of Ageing ) look for to build a bridge between Latin American scholars and policy-makers and will provide an opportunity to promote research collaboration, and the pooling of ideas as well as sharing experiences on ageing issues from countries across Latin America. In the long run, joint courses and training possibilities will be developed (e.g. Master and Doctoral studies; participation at the OIA Spring School on Ageing; visiting fellowships) to encourage and support capacity building in Latin America.

The network is directed by Dr. George W. Leeson, Co-Director of the Institute and Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, and co-ordinated by Dr. Alejandro Klein, University of Guanajuato, Mexico and Research Affiliate of the Institute. The LARNA has a Core Group integrated with then important scholars of Latin-America. Beginning this year the LARNA will welcome new participants as Memberships, including not only scholars, but persons engaged in diverse institutions and in the development of ageing’ s social policies

The mission is built a research network in order to update the contribution of sciences about global ageing in an ageing population. The network count with resources for the public universities integrated in LARNA and with participants in Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, UK, Argentina and is increasing the collaborators. 

The updating in the research on ageing is a very important objective for LARNA. The interdisciplinary in gerontology is a main perspective in the researches on ageing (demographers, psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, educators and health scientist). Topics as global ageing, intergenerational relationships, transnational support, social support and social networks, community strategies, impact of migration, sexuality, old age erotic, training in university for older persons, professionals and students, social protection system and else. The LARNA is also very concerned with the public policies area, trying to offer specific contributions to governmental offices and administrators in this area.